Experienced practitioners with extreme focus can deliver exceptional results

With more than 60 years of experience in their respective fields, the principles of CUE Creative, led by Jonathan Allen, embody our core strengths in providing strategic direction and creative inspiration to a diverse and accomplished group of team members.

Our team offers a rare combination of strategic marketing and strategic finance expertise to builders and developers throughout Calgary and Alberta. Our insight to the risks and opportunities in the development industry are the foundation on which we help clients develop effective marketing communications.
CUE’s Consulting Services practice leverages all of CUE’s internal and external resources to help clients make informed decisions, develop and implement effective plans and efficiently manage the ongoing process.
Our sharp understanding of both the opportunity and risk management potential of a well-executed real estate marketing programme underpins all of the market research, planning and management services CUE provides.

Our local market knowledge has proven invaluable to CUE’s clients by informing the development of corporate and project brand identities which resonate with the marketplace in both community and competitive contexts.
CUE Creative’s experience in producing effective marketing campaign elements in both print and digital media derive from many years of serving clients in the single and multifamily residential homebuilding sector throughout Alberta.
Our Creative Services practice reflects an innate ability to efficiently marshal creative resources in collaboration with clients to produce highly effective corporate and project marketing plans that solve client problems and help them meet their business objectives.

CUE’s technical resources make technology simple and accessible. Their grasp of the technology platforms on which modern real estate sales and marketing programmes are based is essential to the ease with which CUE’s clients can embrace and leverage them effectively.
Our Technical Services solutions help clients reduce marketing and advertising costs while increasing unit sales by integrating lower cost technical solutions throughout the marketing and sales cycle.
CUE’s online marketing, social media strategies, websites, integrated CRMs, digital displays and other technical solutions have proven effective for a broad range of real estate industry players including builders, developers, realtors and investors.