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MailPRO Content Is ‘Rocket Fuel’

“Custom Content is (Still) King” MailPro Content Consistently Projects Your Business With Scaleable Content When and Where You Need It… Words, and how they’re used, are far more impactful than ever given today’s digital communications culture (don’t even get us started on grammar)… Besides the spoken word, virtually all words are now captured, measured and analyzed continuously. MailPro Content, part […]

Too Busy Chopping Wood To ‘Sharpen Your Axe’?

Focus, Consistency and Authenticity Are Winning In Today’s Market

For small and medium-sized businesses, even those with in-house marketing personnel, it’s hard to develop great marketing ‘on the fly’.

Advanced Visualization Technology

Photorealistic Imagery Is Better Than Ever

Architects, interior designers and developers have long understood the undeniable effect that photorealistic imagery has on their clients and stakeholders.  CUE Creative’s high calibre rendering and animation capability is spreading rapidly throughout these and other business networks.

Quite simply  – the images speak for themselves!

High Quality Visualization

What Is A Picture Really Worth?

Aside from ‘…a thousand words’ as the old saying goes, compelling images are vital to successfully marketing products and services – particularly when consumer attention spans can be measured in nanoseconds!

Is Your Website a Lemon?

5 Reasons to Consider a New High-Performance Model

We were asked recently “What do you charge for a website?”Like the question “How much does a car cost?”, it’s near impossible to answer without asking a couple of questions: Is it for picking up girls or ferrying kids? Are you looking for a Fiat or a Bentley?

Marketing Collateral Review

5 Marketing Ideas to Drive Your Business in a Tough Economy

When facing adversity, our business instincts are surprisingly similar to those of the natural world. So, as we prepare to face down a fresh set of challenges in 2016, business owners must choose between 3 instinctive options:

What’s in a Brand?

Investing in your brand can drive revenue growth.

A recent article in Canada’s Report on Business Magazine caught our attention due to its focus on the Top 100 Canadian corporate brands. We did a little number crunching (yes creative types can actually add up a column of numbers) and realized that, on average, Canada’s brand leaders’ have brand values equal to more than 30% of their annual revenues.

Canada’s Top 100 Corporate Brands

A recent article in Canada’s Report on Business magazine caught our attention due to its focus on the Top 100 Canadian corporate brands. We did a little number crunching (yes creative types can actually add up a column of numbers) and realized that, on average, Canada’s brand leaders’ have brand values equal to more than […]

Save gambling for the casino

Make better advertising decisions based on results

Online advertising – there are many good reasons for businesses to do it, but perhaps the most compelling is the immediacy with which you can track results and make changes on the fly.

Small businesses must embrace technology

In this Calgary Herald story famed entrepreneur Brett Wilson stresses that small businesses need to take better advantage of the internet and social media. Well… yeah! The story doesn’t go into much depth, but makes a point that may need to be heard by business owners with one foot still in the 20th century.

Yahoo’s new logo “a disaster”

In his post on, Ben Moss explains why he thinks Yahoo’s new logo – and the process employed to develop it – is a disaster.

Design sells

What makes Apple the most valuable company on the planet?To paraphrase James Carville, “It’s the design, stupid.”

The hottest new trend – Great Design

In this piece on, Tom Shapiro explains what he sees as the 13 hottest trends in internet marketing for 2013… and great design is the #1 item on his list.

You’re attracting people to your website. Now what?

3 Must-Haves for a Successful Online Presence

The phrase ‘You’ve got to drive traffic to your website’  is repeated so often and with such conviction that it has been widely accepted as a truism. There have been literally thousands of articles written, books published and blogs posted on the topic. Driving traffic to your website – via social media, blogs, YouTube or conventional advertising – is, we’re told, the modern-day solution to promoting your business.

Calgary – We’re #1

Despite the crappy weather and the general perception that we’re not as cosmopolitan as Toronto or Vancouver, MoneySense magazine recently named Calgary the Best Large City in Canada in which to live.

Is it time to update your brand?

4 Questions to Ask About Your Corporate Identity

Last week the Financial Post reported that Canada’s oldest retail operation, the Hudson’s Bay Company, unveiled their new logo.  We’re not sure how many logos the company may have had in its 343-year history but it hasn’t been refreshed since 1965.  At last, the venerable company has regained a logo which features a legible font!  HBC’s Creative Director, Tony Smith, said in a statement that the redesign maintains the company’s heritage while helping to modernize the new Hudson’s Bay Company “It is a throwback to our remarkable history and an image for the direction we’re heading in.”

Rebranding: It’s all the rage!

The Bay’s iconic but quasi-legible logo has been in place for as long as most of us can remember. The Financial Post explains why Canada’s oldest retailer is making a change for the first time in a half century.

Sometimes smaller is better

The Big Agency Model is Often Not Your Best Value

We recently met with a client who had requested a comparative quote for a scope of work that included identity creation, a website, site merchandising, sales collateral, and print and digital advertising for an upcoming condo project.  The client remarked that the proposal they received from CUE Creative came in at less than half of the quote they had received from another agency.  This highlights the fact that agencies can vary widely in their cost structures and this can have a significant impact on the value of their services from a client perspective.

4 Keys to a Great Corporate Brochure

Sure-fire Tactics for Creating a Potent Promotional Tool

The communications landscape has experienced a tectonic shift in recent years, but blogs and Facebook pages have not replaced the power or relevance of traditional marketing vehicles.

The Power of Print

The Unique Qualities of Print Will Always Be Appealing

The other day I received something increasingly rare – an actual Christmas card, made of paper and delivered to my mailbox (the one on my front porch). It was interesting to note how that “real” card gave me a greater sense of appreciation and connection than other seasonal greetings I have received electronically. It just felt more genuine and thoughtful and, well… real.

Building a Strong Brand

“Your brand is a promise that delivers an experience.”

That’s how James Twitchell, author of Branded Nation, describes a company’s brand. It implies a guarantee of the product or service being provided.