You’re attracting people to your website. Now what?

3 Must-Haves for a Successful Online Presence    

The phrase ‘You’ve got to drive traffic to your website’  is repeated so often and with such conviction that it has been widely accepted as a truism. There have been literally thousands of articles written, books published and blogs posted on the topic. Driving traffic to your website – via social media, blogs, YouTube or conventional advertising – is, we’re told, the modern-day solution to promoting your business.

If you’ve been very successful in that regard and new visitors are arriving in droves to your website, does that qualify as success? Of course not! Your objective must be to convert those visitors into customers.

All kinds of things can go wrong once those visitors have arrived at your site. An unattractive design or outdated content will not instill confidence in your business, and a confusing navigational structure may cause a frustrated visitor to give up and leave.

Here are a few things to consider when assessing your website’s ability to engage and impress prospective customers:

Is your website visually appealing?
We all know about the value of first impressions. Make sure that visitors have a positive first impression of your company’s website and that it compares favourably with (or outperforms) your competition’s.

Are you giving them what they want?
Chances are that your web visitors aren’t coming in cold… they know something about your business and they want to find out more. Are you providing all the information that prospective customers may be seeking? Don’t let those visitors leave frustrated and empty-handed.

Are you offering useful content?
Stand out from your competitors by assisting prospects in every possible way. If you’re selling condos, for example, include an automated mortgage calculator on your website. If your community has a significant number of, say, Chinese-speakers, consider offering at least some of your web pages in that second language. Anticipate and accommodate your users’ needs.

Driving traffic to your website is like attracting customers to your store or sales centre. What they experience once they get there is up to you. CUE Creative’s team can provide objectivity and insight to ensure your web visitors are inspired and compelled to take further action with your business.