Design sells

What did Steve Jobs understand that makes a Mac so much more attractive to consumers than, say, a Dell?  What makes Apple the most valuable company on the planet?

To paraphrase James Carville, “It’s the design, stupid.”

The business of marketing has never been more complex, or offered as many opportunities, but visual appeal remains essential. Existing technologies are evolving rapidly and new platforms, such as social media, have resulted in a paradigm shift in how companies reach their customers. Still, at the heart of almost everything we do to gain the attention and trust of customers – from the appeal of a beautiful website to the “wow factor” of a stunning sales centre – is design., in its assessment of the 13 Hot Internet Marketing Trends in 2013, placed “design” at the top of the list. “Design matters,” writes author Tom Shapiro, “because design sells.”

Design guru and former Apple fellow, Don Norman, made the case during his 2003 TED Talk for why exceptional design is so important to a product or service. “We all have the feeling that attractive things work better,” he said, explaining why form does not necessarily follow function.

Content may be king, but good design improves even the best content. Done well, design impresses and reassures. It compels and motivates. And, of course, design makes an impression before anything else.

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