4 Keys to a Great Corporate Brochure

Sure-fire Tactics for Creating a Potent Promotional Tool     
The communications landscape has experienced a tectonic shift in recent years, but blogs and Facebook pages have not replaced the power or relevance of traditional marketing vehicles.

Printed marketing collateral remains influential – and essential – even in the age of the internet. A well-executed corporate brochure, for example, still delivers a powerful message of competence and credibility in both print and digital formats.

Your business may produce various brochures to promote specific products or services, but the corporate brochure has the singular and essential purpose of communicating your company’s values, benefits and objectives in a compelling and persuasive manner. It conveys the depth of your capabilities as well as your corporate personality and, if done well, makes a lasting first impression on target customers, partners, investors and other stakeholders.

Here are a few suggestions for making your corporate brochure a potent promotional tool:

1. Remember your audience. To potential customers the most important thing about your product or service is, naturally, how it relates to them. Tell your story, but don’t forget to anticipate what they want to know.

2. Be concise. Resist the temptation to provide every possible detail about your company. Use the brochure to give readers a sense of who you are and the value you offer, and provide them the opportunity to learn more.

3. Establish your credentials.  Prove your expertise by featuring accomplishments and awards, memberships in prestigious organizations and customer testimonials.

4. Know your objective.  Knowing how you will utilize the brochure will determine the content. Before starting to write, you should be clear on what you need the brochure to achieve, who will receive it, and what action you want the reader to take next.

In a competitive market, you can’t afford for your flagship piece of collateral to be anything less than great. CUE Creative can help develop your brochure into a highly effective asset in your overall marketing plan. Call today to discuss how we can make your corporate brochure work harder for you.