Is Your Website a Lemon?

5 Reasons to Consider a New High-Performance Model  

We were asked recently “What do you charge for a website?”

Like the question “How much does a car cost?”, it’s near impossible to answer without asking a couple of questions: Is it for picking up girls or ferrying kids? Are you looking for a Fiat or a Bentley?

Turning the question around, business owners might first ask themselves “What is it costing me to have an out-of-date or ineffective website?” Taking the automotive metaphor one step farther, today’s Uber driver isn’t going to do very well with a rusty, gas-guzzling clunker from the 1990s.

Here are 5 questions to ask when assessing whether your website needs to be traded in for a new model:

  1. Are you proud of it?  Websites, like cars, are a reflection of our identities. Relevant content, appealing design, ease of use and compelling ‘calls-to-action’ are just a few of the characteristics on which we all make flash judgements about companies online.
  2. Is it generating business?  From lead generation to eCommerce, any business website should be generating measurable results. Your website should be cleverly integrated with your company’s sales and marketing process for optimal results.
  3. Was it built in the last 5 years?  Web design technologies are constantly evolving and having an outdated website can do more harm than good in terms of both new and existing business relationships.
  4. Can you easily update or modify your site?  “Webmasters” are largely a thing of the past – how many of us have chauffeurs or mechanics? – and websites should empower you to use and maintain them as needed without having to call someone.
  5. Can you track its performance?  Like modern automobiles, do you have an online ‘dashboard’ with the right ‘gauges’ available for you to ensure this critical business vehicle is running properly?

An online “jalopy” may be cheaper than a new vehicle but what is your old website costing your business? OK, here’s where the comparison breaks down because you don’t have to spend $50,000 on a new website!

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