Sometimes smaller is better

The Big Agency Model is Often Not Your Best Value    
We recently met with a client who had requested a comparative quote for a scope of work that included identity creation, a website, site merchandising, sales collateral, and print and digital advertising for an upcoming condo project.  The client remarked that the proposal they received from CUE Creative came in at less than half of the quote they had received from another agency.  This highlights the fact that agencies can vary widely in their cost structures and this can have a significant impact on the value of their services from a client perspective.

Depending on the number of agencies you have worked with in the past, you may have noticed dramatic differences in the process they employ and the number of people involved.  For example, it is not uncommon for an agency working on a modest-sized project to involve 5-7 people, including an account manager, art director, production manager, junior designer, copywriter, digital media director and programmer.

Does complexity add value or erode it?

Our clients routinely express their appreciation of two things:

1. We have a visceral understanding of their business, which saves time and money

2. They can interact directly with a highly experienced graphic designer, web developer or copywriter, which saves time and money.

Our creative service providers are personable enough to act as account managers, skilled enough to act as creative directors (within each discipline) and efficient enough to not require junior-level support.  The result for our clients is a work product that doesn’t compromise on quality, yet is delivered in an efficient manner.  A more lasting result comes from the understanding of each client’s needs that arises from direct interaction between the creative services provider and the client.  Over time this has allowed us to improve our responsiveness, reduce unnecessary delay or miscommunication and continue to build value into our ongoing services. Contact us today to discuss how our “smaller is better” proposition can offer value to your business.