Is it time to update your brand?

4 Questions to Ask About Your Corporate Identity     
Last week the Financial Post reported that Canada’s oldest retail operation, the Hudson’s Bay Company, unveiled their new logo.  We’re not sure how many logos the company may have had in its 343-year history but it hasn’t been refreshed since 1965.  At last, the venerable company has regained a logo which features a legible font!  HBC’s Creative Director, Tony Smith, said in a statement that the redesign maintains the company’s heritage while helping to modernize the new Hudson’s Bay Company “It is a throwback to our remarkable history and an image for the direction we’re heading in.”

Is your corporate brand just “good enough”?

A company’s visual identity – as expressed by its logo, tagline, colours and corporate imagery – makes the all-important first impression in print advertisements, on websites or on signage and company vehicles. The decision to tinker with your identity is not an easy one, which may explain why many companies simply elect to leave it alone.

Objectivity helps, though, and some things to keep in mind when evaluating the effectiveness of your company’s visual brand are:

1. Has the nature of your business changed considerably since it was founded?

2. Does your identity compare favourably with those of your competition?

3. Does your visual identity align with your current and planned marketing efforts?

4. Quite simply, could it be better and working harder for your business?

At CUE Creative we’re passionate about crafting visual identities that capture the image, values and credibility that successful companies and their projects need to project. Although it’s not a trivial undertaking, altering even deeply entrenched identities like Hudson’s Bay’s can signal “progress” to the market place and provide important business advantages.  If you think that your company’s brand could benefit from an update, give us a call today.