What’s in a Brand?

Investing in your brand can drive revenue growth    

A recent article in Canada’s Report on Business Magazine caught our attention due to its focus on the Top 100 Canadian corporate brands. We did a little number crunching (yes creative types can actually add up a column of numbers) and realized that, on average, Canada’s brand leaders’ have brand values equal to more than 30% of their annual revenues.

Nearly half of these companies have brand values equal to 20% of their annual revenues and a handful have brand values which are higher than their revenues! 

We think it’s pretty fascinating to consider the connection between ‘investing’ in brand value and growing revenues – not to mention the bottom line. What impact can higher brand value have in reducing recruiting, employee turnover, financing and other expenses? Can higher brand value attract more customers or deal flow on better terms?

You bet it can. We’ll show you how.

Whether you’re branding projects or products or services or your company, we know that, more importantly than a big budget, conscious planning and consistent execution – not to mention a healthy dose of creativity – are the basic ingredients for achieving the magical effect that a strong brand can have on your success.